Michael Mount Waldorf School is a private non-profit school for children from baby care to 18, in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa

Early Childhood

Ages 4 months - 4 years
Baby care & Play group

Nursery school

Ages 4 years - 6

Primary School

Ages 6 - 10
Class 1 - 4

Middle School

Ages 10 - 14
Class 5 - 8


Ages 14 - 18
Class 9 - Matric


Sports, extra-curricular
and after-care

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A brief history of Waldorf Education

Michael Mount Waldorf School is based on a century-old educational philosophy proven so successful that it has become one of the fastest-growing educational systems in the world. Here’s how it all started.

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian scientist-philosopher who had articulated thought-provoking ideas on education in a series of public lectures and an influential 1907 essay titled ‘The Education of the Child’. The essay described the major phases of child development that formed the foundation of Steiner’s approach to education.

In the aftermath of World War I, Germans suffered economic depression and a deep sense of despondence. Emil Molt – a German businessman, social reformer, anthroposophist and director of the Waldorf-Astoria Zigarettenfabrik in Stuttgart, Germany – invited Dr. Steiner to lecture to the more than 1,000 employees of the factory.


The architecture

Watch our movie and find out how Michael Mount nurtures conscious, creative, independent thinkers.

The beauty of the Waldorf school is that it is designed entirely to keep children intact until they are ready to move out into the world as whole individuals.

—Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author