Baby Care

Ages 4 Months – 2 Years

The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out

– Bill Gates

Baby Care Programme

“Most early education programs have been forced to accelerate the teaching of cognitive skills (which research is showing is
inappropriate for these young children), while focusing less and less on their physical, emotional and social needs”.
– Jane McCoy, BA, MA Curriculum Design, and a certified Waldorf teacher.

We follow time-honoured Waldorf principles when caring for babies and toddlers. Our programme:

  • Caters for babies from 4 months to two years old.
  • 7h00 to 17h30, Monday to Friday.
  • Care throughout the year, with a three-week break in December.


We respect each baby’s individual rhythm and needs. We understand that no two babies are the same and we foster a trusting relationship through gentle, loving individual attention.


Babies love finger food! Nutritious, home-cooked, meat-free meals are offered every day and we encourage babies to feel, taste and explore food in a relaxed space.


Movement is vital. Climbing, crawling, standing and walking are activities that build a sturdy frame for the developing individual and we encourage all these activities. You’ll find a wholesome, safe space for your baby to explore at Baby Care. Outside play in the fresh air is enjoyed every day, weather permitting. Inside is furnished with simple toys made from natural materials to engage the young child’s attention.

Sleep time

Napping babies are accommodated in a quiet room furnished with wooden cribs.


Come and view the loving, gentle, nurturing space that is Baby Care at Michael Mount.

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