High School

14 to 18 years | Class 9 to 12

Self education is, I believe, the only education there is.
– Issac Asimov

The High School Curriculum

Read a general overview of the Waldorf curriculum here.

Waldorf School graduates see behind the facts that often must be repeated or explained on examination.
They are keenly interested in the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of the cell’s ultrastructure,
but they know that Chemistry, Biology and Physics can’t tell them much about the nature of love…
I feel certain that all Waldorf School graduates believe in the orderliness of our universe,
and they believe the human mind can discern this order and appreciate its beauty.
Dr. W. Warren B. Eickelberg, Professor of Biology,
Director, Premedical Curriculum, Adelphi University, Garden City, New York

Waldorf students make their own ‘lesson books’ throughout their school years.
In doing so, they come to ‘own’ the information and ideas that they study.

Class 12 students follow
the IEB Matric curriculum.
See Matric

The last two years of High School

The Class 11 year

In addition to doing their normal academic work, as well as a theatrical production, each student
must do a ‘Class 11 Project.’ For this, each student chooses a particular topic that interests him
or her deeply. They research the subject thoroughly and organise whatever training or work
experience may be necessary to create and complete the project. They write a mini-thesis about
their research – often as long as 6 to 8 thousand words. The standard expected is at university
level. It is a year of intensive, serious, independent work under the guidance of an individually
appointed guardian, culminating in a public presentation of each project. The work includes the
creation of a hand-made, leather-bound book in which the student records his or her research
and methodology, and recounts their experiences, challenges and successes.

The last two years of High School

Class 12 / Matric

The matric year is a critical period of transition between school and life beyond the school gates.
Whether a student is bound for university or vocational training or taking a gap year, every student
is encouraged and assisted to achieve the best matric results they possibly can.

Students focus solely on the National Senior Certificate curriculum in their final year, having
completed the Waldorf curriculum in Class 11. Michael Mount students write their examinations
under the auspices of the internationally recognised Independent Examination Board (IEB).

Informed parenting

Arts and their Relationship to Adolescent Development

by Van James

The author Robert Fulghum who
wrote the bestseller, Everything
I Needed to Know I Learned in
Kindergarten, claimed that if you
go into any kindergarten and ask,
“How many of you can draw?” All the
children hands will go up. If you ask,
“How many of you can sing?” All the
hands go up again. “What if you don’t
know the words?” We make them up,
is the children’s response. “How many
of you can dance?” All the hands go
up yet again.

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